Truckwriter 5.0 contains 5 primary features outlined below with 23 additional features.

   (1.)  VIN decoder for commercial trucks and trailers. Simply enter a  17 digit VIN and TruckWriter will extract the data for vehicle make, model, year, engine specs and GVWR readings.

   (2.)  Bus estimating section for estimating all sections of school buses up to class D with detailed parts graphics, labor and procedures.

   (3.)  Database contains over 500 specific commercial vehicles available with graphics, labor and procedures.

   (4.)  Program has an image form to import your bmp or jpegs of your damaged vehicle and will allow users to type a brief description or note under each photo, then convert the form to any imaging form such as PDF, etc. ready to send to client or simply print the photo sheet. 

   (5.)  Logo feature will allow users to show your company logo on estimates and other reports.

For questions about TruckWriter v3.0.2 send us a message using the contact form and we will respond to your questions.  There are price packages to fit your needs so let us help.


1. Program is vehicle specific for commercial medium duty and heavy class 8 trucks.

2. Damage entries can be made directly from graphic damage screens. User can select from a vast number of vehicle sections to view  and utilize parts graphics for making damage entries.

4. Damage screen graphics also available for commercial trailers and box trucks.

5. Betterment feature can be applied to any part, labor or combination parts and labor.

6. OEM parts discount feature available for batch user defined OEM parts on estimate.

7. Mark-ups can be applied to specific non-OEM parts such as salvage or re-manufactured parts.

8. Detailed vehicle spec sheet (optional)

9. Total Loss form entry allows users to produce a Market Survey Report with optional book value averaging.

10. Prior or unrelated damage can be documented on all estimates.

11. Users can build customized databases for parts suppliers and vendors, then be able to utilize these parts directly into the estimate.

12. Automated Labor Overlap protection is installed.

13. Program has extensive protection features to aid in the prevention of user errors. If the user makes an error in the estimate, TruckWriter will detect, ask, advise and guide the user to insert the right data thus eliminating costly errors in the final estimate.

14. Procedure reminders assist users with various labor related procedures such as alignments, A/C recharge, fuel tank drain, etc.

15. OEM user defined prices are automatically stored in the vehicle database and a last update field is created indicating the last date the part was updated or changed. A price type field also lets the user know if the part shown was a List price or wholesale. User defined aftermarket parts are also stored.

16. A custom help file can be accessed by users which contained over 100 screen shots

17. Supplements can be created on any estimate.

18. Box truck graphics available with all database truck models featured.

19. Trailer graphics are available for Dry Vans, Reefers, End Dumps, Logging, Flat Beds and Grain Hoppers.

20. Frame graphics allow users to select from several various damage options which best fit Tram readings. We understand the time wasted when an estimator requests assistance on a heavily damaged frame. This feature has been tested and proved to save time and money by eliminating costly downtime. Our frame specialist guides the user with frame notes that explain where to look for hidden damage, stress cracks, traveled damage and other valuable technical data.

21. A time documented log can be utilized.

22. Program contain an aftermarket parts database with prices to utilize and will show part details with part numbers at end of estimate.